Buffer Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt

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Do you want to keep your pet safe while traveling by car?

We understand how enjoyable it is to bring your beloved dog along on family outings. However, we are also aware of the risk that your pet poses to everyone if it is not securely strapped in. Our Dog Car Seat Belt™ will come in handy. It aids in the comfortable restraint of your pets in the front or back seat of a car. It is not only strong enough to keep your pets in the car seat, but it is also long-lasting enough to protect them from a sudden stop or sharp turn. The seat belt leash's adjustable strap and elastic buffer design allow it to be adjusted to the desired length, making it ideal for small pets to large breeds.

Why should you have this Dog Car Seat Belt™?

Convenient & 360° Swivelling Clasp: The high quality metal buckle allows for easy attachment and release. The professional 360° swivelling clasp keeps the leash from twisting and your dog from becoming tangled, allowing your dog to comfortably sit, stand, lie, or lean.

Sturdy & Durable: To ensure durability, our dog seat belt is made of high density nylon fabric. The 360° zinc alloy swivel snap and universal fit buckles are strong enough to keep your dog safe while travelling. This is a long-lasting dog seatbelt leash!

Still worried about the pup's safety in the car during driving? You will need the adjustable dog car seat belt!  With the dog car seat belt which is made of super strong nylon material to ensure that your pet is securely restrained in the vehicle, you can drive with your dog safely at any time.

  • Elastic Buffer Design: With a highly elastic bungee cushioning design, the dog safety belt prevents dogs from being injured during braking or sharp turns or bumps on the way and provides a comfortable and safe trip for your dog.
  • Adjustable design for safe: Made of thick, wear-resistant nylon with threads, the length of the dog seat harness can be easily adjusted from 22 inches to 34 inches by sliding hardware. In this way, the dog can stand or sit down or lie down comfortably
  • Easy installation: A 360-degree rotating buckle makes installation or release quick and easy.

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