Adjustable and Secure Dog Car Safety Belt and Travel Harness

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Color:  Blue
Package:  1 PC
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Enjoy worry-free cruise time with your canine with - The Adjustable and Secure Dog Car Safety Belt and Travel Harness!

  • Keeps Your Dog Safe - Have you ever thought about how dangerous it is for your pet to ride in the open or inside the uncovered space of your car? Think again. Make the most out of your trips with this sturdy, adjustable and flexible dog safety belt strap and travel harness! This item is designed to make sure your pet is safe, secure, and comfortable during transport. It's the ultimate in pet safety!
  • More Than Meets the Eye - But wait, there's more! It's not just a safety belt and travel harness, this belt also doubles as a leash when you're not driving! Whether it's for an animal companion or just to walk around the block, this belt has got you covered.
  • Adjustable Comfort - This dog car seat belt also has a solid zinc alloy 360 degree rotation clip swivel snap for extra flexibility, allowing your dog to move around. Say goodbye to worrying about struggling to find the right position for your pup. Travelling with your hound is now literally a walk in the park (or in some cases, a quick drive)! The adjustable strap can comfortably fit any size dog and provides maximum comfort. Its easy-to-grip loop handle allows for total control.
  • No Dog? No problem! - While this safety belt and travel harness is perfect for pooches of all sizes- from small pups to big dogs (and everything in between), it's also perfect for other pets such as cats, pigs, ferrets, hamsters, or any other furry friend! Its an absolute fur-parent must-have!
  • Tough Stuff - Made of high-quality soft and durable nylon that’s gentle on your pet’s skin but tough enough to withstand wear and tear, you'll use it for years! Oh, the memories you'll make!


  • Collar Size: 13.5 - 21in / 33 - 55cm
  • Seat Belt Size: 18 - 30in / 45 - 80cm