5-in-1 Cat Brush

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Color:  Yellow
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If you love your cat, you’ll love this 5-in-1 cat brush. This device is designed to make your life easier and your cat’s life better, by combining five functions - a brush, a cat wand, a laser pointer, a flashlight, and a black light - in one easy to use compact device!

Compact and easy to reach / store

Turn brush time into a paw-sitive experience 

Detect parasites invisible to the naked eye 

No batteries required - USB rechargeable

 Compact & Easy To Store 

From grooming to playtime, the PurrfectGroom has everything you need to keep your house clean and your cat healthy - all in one convenient device!

 Save Money On Vet Bills 

Avoid unnecessary trips to the vet! The included flashlight and a black light can be used to detect urine stains and parasites that are invisible to the naked eye.