4 in 1 Pet Grooming Device Hair Trimmer Dog Cat Paw Nail Grinder

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Keeping your pet's nails groomed will keep them healthy, but you don't have a trimmer that's safe, quiet and easy to use. A combination nail clipper and nail grinder, that's also a hair trimmer, will keep your dog or cat looking good and physically fit.


The 4 in 1 pet hair trimmer was made with your dog and cat in mind. It cuts hair, trims nails and even grinds nails. This hair trimmer is durable and versatile enough for all your grooming needs. Its nail grinder is strong enough to get your pet's nails under control. No more ruined floors and furniture, whether you're at home or on the go. The 4 in 1 pet hair trimmer will cut dog or cat body hair. The attachments will let you trim hair in hard to reach areas on the paws.

Two limit-combs keep you from cutting your pet's hair too close. Three separate speeds let you use the unit as an effective nail grinder or nail trimmer. The 4 in 1 pet hair trimmer was made for you to take it with you. The unit is compact at less then fifteen inches long. It weighs less than a third of a kilogram, and is made of strong ABS plastic and firm stainless steel. The 4 in 1 pet hair trimmer has built-in 800mAh batteries that provide one hundred eighty minutes of operating time. The unit recharges in three hours from any USB power source.


3 Operating Speeds: Three different speeds let you cut as firmly or as softly as you choose. You can use the nail grinder to reduce the nail size dramatically or just to groom around the edges.

Clipper Heads: The various clipper head sizes provide great versatility and options. You can cut large areas and remove a lot of hair or be subtle and do fine area grooming on your pet.

Limit Combs: Your cat or dog can have their hair cut as closely as you like. With the comb limits you can be sure not to cut too deeply. The combs won't let you hurt your pet or make its haircut appear uneven.

Grinding Head: A firm steel grinder lets you blunt nail endings that can scratch or ruin an environment. You can blunt sharp claws or clear away dirt: Grooming your pet has never been this easy.


Compact Size: The 4 in 1 pet hair trimmer is under fifteen inches long. This makes it easy to handle and lets you groom your pet nimbly. The unit is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your hand.

Cordless Rechargeable: No wires get in your way when you use the 4 in 1 pet hair trimmer. Its internal batteries last for three hours and only take three hours to regain their full charge.

Durable: The unit is made of sturdy ABS plastic and stainless steel. It is made to last a long time and provide plenty of service.

Quiet: The unit operates at a low 60db. This is unobtrusive and calming, for you as well as your pet.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Input: 240v 50/60hz
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Operation Time: 180 Minutes
  • Size: 14.69*2.99*2.98cm
  • Weight: 292g

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder
  • 3 x Clipper Heads
  • 1 x Grinding Head
  • 2 x Limit Combs
  • 1 x USB Charger Cord
  • 1 x User Manual