328ft 200KHz Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder

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Style:  Wired / Black & White Monitor
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Never wander mindlessly anymore when out and about fishing and find where the schools at easily with this Portable Sonar Fish Finder!

  • Portable - Very easy to use with its basic yet high technology interface It is battery operated (4 AAA) and is made to be very portable with its compact and light weight design that makes this Portable Sonar Fish Finder very ideal to be brought on the go.
  • With backlight - No need for some sort of flashlight as this Portable Sonar Fish Finder features a backlight for easy fishing even in the dark.
  • Versatile - Aside from its Fish locating feature, this Portable Sonar Fish Finder also indicates additional information that are useful for fishermen such as water depth.
  • Waterproof - Made for heavy duty use, this Portable Sonar Fish Finder is very durable and even has a waterproof feature for added protection when in use around the boat.

Product Info:

  • Display: 2inch TN / ANTI-UV LCD
  • Back lighting: White LED
  • Depth Capability: 328 feet (100m)
  • Power Requirement: 4xAAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Waterproof design: level-4 (spray-water-proof)
  • Show water depth, fish location, and bottom grass & rock
  • User selectable sensitivity, depth units, and fish alarm setting
  • Operational Temperature: 14degF to 122degF (-10degC to 50degC)

Package Includes:
1* Portable Sonar Fish Finder