2 in 1 Pet Shell Comb Stainless Steel Cat Hair Remover Brush

Fit For:  Long hair
Color:  Pink
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Grooming Tips

Starting from the neck, front to back, up to down in turn.

With the soft plastics comb, start from neck to the shoulder, and then turn to back, chest, waist, abdomen, rear, then body and hair, finally feet and the tail.

If there are tangles or knots, we recommend using the stainless steel comb first. Please control your strength and stay attention on the thickness of the hair.

Enjoyable for You and Your Pet

For Your Health :

  • 1/ You can keep your furniture and floors free of pet hair.
  • 2/ Live a clean and healthy life.

For Your Pet's Health :

  • 1/ Keep their coat tidy and clean.
  • 2/ Massage their skin and ensure better blood circulation.