2 Dogs Retractable Leash

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  • Keep two dogs on leashes at the same time.
  • Rope length: roughly 3 metres.
  • Break and secure the leash’s buttons.
  • built-in trash bag holder and flashlight
  • luminous nylon tether



It can be challenging to keep two dogs under control when walking them in a park or on the street. They both playfully strive to elude you. Either the traffic distracts them, or they start trailing after another animal.

With this two dogs retractable leash, you can simultaneously manage the movements of two dogs while keeping them on a leash.

Your pets will walk together and not frighten any bystanders while they are wearing this leash.



What you will receive:

  • Leash retractability: The leash can be retracted. Remove the leash from your pet’s collar, and it will retract and fit back into the leash holder with just a single push, allowing you to let them run around freely. The break and lock buttons aid in limiting the quantity of leash that the dog can use.
  • Reflective nylon leash: The reflective woven tape used to make the leash illuminates in the dark. This enhances the device’s cooling and enhances night vision.
  • This retractable leash for two dogs features a built-in lamp for night vision. To view clearly at night, turn it on. It makes it simpler for you to find and dispose of your dog’s waste at night in a rubbish bag.
  • Ergonomic grip: This leash holder’s ergonomic grip and handle make it easy to grasp for extended periods of time. Even after gripping the leash for hours on end, you won’t get fatigued.
  • rubbish bag storage box: You won’t need to carry rubbish bags around in your pocket if there is a built-in garbage bag storage box. Use them whenever your dog has to relieve himself and keep them safely stored in the leash holder.

Note: The package does not contain garbage bags or batteries.